In 2010, Earl W. Powell decided to make his family office more available. In the years following the great recession, a few of his colleagues and friends asked for help managing their personal assets because they were dissatisfied with their asset managers from the big investment banks and brokerages. In part because of these requests, we created Powell Investment Advisors (“PIA”), an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, that provides comprehensive wealth management and investment services.

PIA’s investment approach is centered on growing wealth over time, with an intense focus on preservation of capital.  PIA is a “family business” that devotes personal attention to each client’s portfolio.

PIA offers unique advantages, such as:

  • comprehensive investment management services including: investment policy design, manager selection & due diligence, portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring

  • open architecture to invest in any investment vehicle, external manager or asset class

  • access to private and alternative deals at lower minimums given our extensive network

  • direct access to the portfolio managers making the investment decisions

  • custom monthly performance reporting that summarizes complex accounts onto a single page that is easy to understand

  • personal knowledge of family history and future goals

  • daily communication / market commentary

  • low fee profile

  • powerful technology platform used for reporting and portfolio analysis -- Addepar

We create value by improving the way our partners make financial decisions in a dynamic, engaging, and interactive way. We aim to provide our partners with a sense of control over their financial life.

Our primary asset is our reputation, and we strive to conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and honesty.  In working with prospective partners, we seek to establish a mutual understanding of and respect for our approach to investing.